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Measurements are made on the heat-transfer coefficients between particles and fluid in the aggregative fluidized bed. In order to evaluate the heat-transfer coefficients, a proposed model takes into account of the variation of the particles-temperature and the fluid-temperature distributions throughout the bed is developped on the basis of an experimental investigation of the fluidizing behavior. The heat-transfer coefficients obtained by conforming the outlet-air temperature profile to be predicted with the one measured are found to be varied significantly depending on the static bed height, as well as particle diameter and fluid velocity.

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K. E. Wirth

Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Characteristics of heat transfer between particles and fluid in aggregative fluidized bed. Authors Authors and affiliations N. Seki S.

CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Reactor

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[] Extremely fast simulations of heat transfer in fluidized beds

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Extremely fast simulations of heat transfer in fluidized beds

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , 48 5 , The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering , 81 , Thiruvengadam Renganathan, Kamatam Krishnaiah. Pair your accounts. Your Mendeley pairing has expired. The corresponding superficial gas velocity is called minimum fluidization velocity u mf.

Figure 1 Forms of fluidized beds. You need a subscription to view the full text of the article. If you already have the subscription, please login here. Fluidization principle a Types of fluidization In a fluidized bed the solid particles are carried by an up-flowing fluid gas or liquid.

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