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Includes delivery to Finland. Check for new and used marketplace copies. Scotland's natural environment is its most treasured asset and the subject of its most vociferous debates.

Managing Scotland's Environment. Second edition, completely revised and updated.

In this book Charles Warren tackles the hottest current debates - land reform, the future of farming, public access, conservation of moorland and birds of prey, the place of forestry, and the control of alien species and red deer - and takes up the challenge of integrating conservation with social and economic objectives. The second edition includes a new chapter on energy and the environment, taking in the highest profile environmental issue in Scotland at present: the windfarm controversy, and debates about the appropriate energy mix for the future.

In addition, the book has been updated throughout to take account of recent changes in environmental and related social and political issues.

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SNH has published a wide range of information and data on biodiversity, species and habitats, and habitat networks: www.

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Public bodies must act in the way best calculated to contribute to the targets. As a minimum, appraisers should describe whether or not the option is likely to lead to a net increase or decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • This could be through, for example, energy used for maintenance or pumping, or changes to land use and carbon sequestration. This qualitative approach is likely to suffice for most situations. For large-scale works and more detailed studies, the SWMP partnership may deem it appropriate to quantify impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. The following document provides further guidance on how to do this:. Search Search. Home Publications.

    Essentials of environmental management

    Surface water management planning: guidance Appendix 7 Further guidance on assessing wider environmental, social and economic impacts. Supporting files Download. Accessibility: This document may not be fully accessible. Contents Close.

    Thousand gather across Scotland in largest environmental protest in history

    Contents Choose section 1 Introduction 2 The surface water management planning process 3 Consultation and co-ordination 4 Preparatory work 5 Understand surface water flood risk 6 Setting objectives 7. Option appraisal 8 Develop preferred option, confirm funding 9 Finalise and communicate plan 10 Implement and monitor plan 11 Review and update plan Appendix 1 References Appendix 2 Roles and responsibilities for surface water flooding Appendix 3 Validating existing surface water flood hazard and risk data Appendix 4 List of potential actions Appendix 5 Example of estimating flood risk damages to properties Appendix 6 Adaptation to future flood risk Appendix 7 Further guidance on assessing wider environmental, social and economic impacts Footnotes.

    Appendix 7 Further guidance on assessing wider environmental, social and economic impacts A7. The following sources provide information on the range of impacts resulting from surface water management actions: Scottish Government Delivering Sustainable Flood Risk Management: www. Without detailed modelling impacts will be difficult to quantify, so in many situations a description of the likely direction and magnitude of change will be sufficient.

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    Will the impact help to prevent deterioration of the water environment? Is the affected part of the water environment in a deprived neighbourhood? Impacts in the most deprived neighbourhoods in Scotland should as a rule be considered more significant than similar impacts in less deprived neighbourhoods. How long is the impact expected to last? As a rule, longer term impacts should be considered more significant than shorter terms impacts of similar scale e.

    SEPA regulatory guidance. Appendix 6 Adaptation to future flood risk. Was this helpful?

    State of Scotland's Environment report - historic environment

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